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CMDR Do you Enjoy watching Streams or being involved in a Community?

If you enjoy watching streams and playing with people in a community doing things like killing NPC's and having fun this is the page for you. 

Tune in to twitch.tv/Wolvesofjonai anytime the account should be hosting someone awesome. (Remember to add it to your Autohost)


Glory To the Alpha And Remember to Follow all of the Pack Members!

This Page Shows you most of the Pack members that Stream, this page will also automatically update whether they are Offline or Online.

If a Streamer is live they will be hosted on the official Wolves Of Jonai Twitch Channel and you should be able to see them on the player at the Top of this Page if it does not show you can just click on the names.

Remember to Follow the Wolves of Jonai on Twiter for Updates.

CQC Nights & EDRPG

Each weekend, Chaos and the gang will face challenges in either EDRPG or CQC Join us Live on Twitch to see what the gang will be upto. (I wonder how many times Chaos or SirSuperDeath will die in CQC) Remember to follow the Wolves of Twitch! o7

Weekly Community PodCast

Join host SirSuperDeath "Levi" and Co-host Jathaal with a range of guests. Then we will be talking about diffrent subjects not limted to gaming or only Elite: Dangerous Tune in to twitch.tv/SirSuperDeath on Fri or Sat each week to find out what we will be talking about. (we also read chat so dont worry ;)